Monday, October 29, 2012

2 Psychic Development Tricks You Can Use Right NOW

Think that being psychic is a gift you need to be born with?
Think again!
The truth is, just about anyone who wants to can instantly improve, enhance or extend their own psychic and intuitive abilities, and for the most part, it's FUN, fast and free.
Let's take a quick look at some super simple techniques that anyone can try, starting TODAY, to dramatically improve your awareness, and intuition, and yes... spiritual connection to the magic, and mystery of the great unknown.
Learn to Meditate:
Yes, we've covered this before, and yes... everyone says the same thing when it comes to learning to become more psychically aware. Why is this the ONE approach that's almost universally agreed on to be hyper effective? Because it works! And it works in ways we understand... and in ways that we don't. For example, many people, including many leading scientists NOW believe that information, "lives" in the environment, rather than in our heads. (or our biological brain, to be more technically correct:-)
Quieting the noise, and allowing the mental chatter in our mind to go away... is a great way to open UP to the amazing amount of information that is in the environment, and some believe, much like an "Akashic Record" (the way legendary psychic Edgar Caycee described this information over 50 years ago), you will open up to the magic, and the mystery of the TRUE universal mind, which exists outside of time and space.
Exercise your EMPATHY muscle.
Simply stated? Care more. Think more about others. Tune into the thoughts, feelings and emotions of those in your extended world. (the broader you go with your compassion... the more profound and powerful your psychic abilities will extend) The truth is, a "sensitive" is someone who is incredibly tuned in, and simpatico with the sensations of others.
Thoughts. Feelings. Emotions.
It is incredibly logical, of course, that becoming more sensitive yourself, in general human terms... will open up a wide and wonderful window into the joys and sufferings and fears and phobias of those around you, AND the hidden, or invisible spirit world beyond. At it's core... that is what psychic ability is ALL about, and something that is super easy to do for all.
The truth is, once you stop looking at psychic ability as something wild or weird, and instead... look at it as an intrisic part of being human, and who you ALREADY are, there is an amazing shift that starts to take place, where the power and potential that lives within you opens UP for the world to see. (and SEES the world around you at the very same time in VERY new ways as well!)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Balancing And Boosting The Energy Of Your Aura With Boji Stones

The ABSOLUTE BEST way I have found to boost and balance the aura is to use Boji Stones.
'Boji Stones' can only be sold as such by the owner of the copyright. They come from Kansas in the U.S.A. and are typically sold in pairs. They are formed from a mixture of different minerals with a high percentage of iron pyrite (often called fool's gold) which gives the stones a sparkly appearance.
They are spherical in shape and come in a variety of sizes. The crystal pairs are made up of a 'male' and a 'female' stone. The male is more rugged with angular protrusions and the female is smoother.
While these stones are said to be very grounding, and are most definitely a stone for energetic and emotional balance, they are also very powerful and highly energising. The first time I held Boji Stones they were so powerful I just had to have some of my own.
These stones have a strong electro-magnetic energy and are great for re-charging and super-powering your aura. Hold one stone in each hand allowing them to create a circuit of energy around you. Try the stones in different hands to see if they work in a different way depending on the side if your body they are on. For some of you they might. I will very often place them in my jeans pockets, one on either side, if I feel that I will need energising and balancing for the day, or a particular event.
It is also said that they can help you to drain excess energy into the earth, so if you are the type of person that is a little, shall we say 'bouncy' and needs to come down to earth a bit, try these stones.
Because of their opposing energies a pair of Boji Stones helps to bring balance to your own male and female energy, they help with healing, particularly of the emotional kind.
Great for balancing all of your energies, Boji Stones also encourage energy flow around your energy system, getting your chakras in harmony and empowered. If you feel that you have any energy blockages, or chakra imbalances these are powerful stones to use.
Personally I would never buy these crystals online. If you are going to buy a pair, make sure you can choose from a selection and handle them. You will know which ones are right for you as soon as you pick them up. They are not a cheap crystal to buy, but are well worth the investment, I really wouldn't be without mine.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Long Island Medium: Are The Readings REAL? (or Just New Age Nonsense?)

So, is Theresa Caputo the real deal, or just another celebrity psychic medium who is doomed to disappoint us all?
Can she communicate with spirit... OR, is the TV show simply a well orchestrated form of spiritual entertainment and new age nonsense we really ought to ignore?
The funny thing is, people who have an opinion on the Long Island Medium are usually split into 4 separate camps.
  • 1 - True blue believers who watch her work (and show) religiously
  • 2- Die hard cynics and skeptics who think that ALL mediums are fakes, frauds and phonies
  • 3 - Open minded folks who simply haven't made their mind up on spirits, the afterlife OR the long island medium! (and other spiritual psychics as well)
  • 4 - The VERY small segment of the population who has actually experienced a reading with Theresa first hand... and they usually end up in the true blue believer camp, only by virtue of PERSONAL proof and actual experience to substantiate what it is that they believe. (without question, to ME... the only real opinion that is worth listening to very closely at all)
As someone who has studies psychics and mediums and paranormal experiences of all types for many, many years... I can tell you that NO amount of reviews, or opinions, or articles like this one will EVER convince you that psychics are real, or that the afterlife is true, or that our relatives who are on the other side can communicate with any of us at all.
As for myself?
The first 5 years or so that I read about and studied psychics and mediums, I became VERY convinced that these things were true.
That said... it wasn't until I had my own personal psychic experience of a very spiritual nature that I became a believer by necessity, and through irrefutable proof, rather than simply trying to decide which side of the street to believe, or which arguments made more sense.
What happened?
I was visited by a co-worker who died in the middle of the night - suddenly - 1000 + miles away - who came and said goodbye... only to go to work in the morning and learn he had a brain hemorrhage in the middle of the night.
A psychic reading I had with a medium several weeks later confirmed this experience, and to be totally honest with you, I was so shaken by what had happened that I hadn't told another SOUL. (and the medium, a well known local spiritual advisor, told me specifically what had happened, what was said and even how it was said... all 100% accurate and impossible for her to have known)
What do YOU believe about the Long Island Medium? What do YOU believe about psychic mediums and the afterlife itself?
Warning! Don't get scammed by another "fake" Psychic EVER Again!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Using Crystals And Gemstones To Help You To Be More Creative

I love working with crystals and know that there is always a stone that will help me to work through any blockage in my life, whether it is energetic, emotional or indeed in my creativity. Crystals always have a powerful impact on me and what's going on around me and can really help me to get back into the flow of life. If you've never used crystals, why not give them a go?
Creativity is associated with the 2nd, or sacral chakra, located just below the belly button. The traditional colour for this chakra is orange, so most orange-coloured crystals and gemstones will help enhance your creativity. But I also think it's worth looking at some that help to open up the third eye or brow chakra as this is associated with visualisation and 'seeing' new ideas, as well as inspiration. These are elements that can really enhance any creative endeavours.
Although aventurine is green and not associated by colour with either the sacral or the brow chakras,it is said to be good for releasing blocked creative flow and activating your imagination.
Moonstone can also release blocked creative flow and is the perfect stone for connecting with your intuition and goddess energy, both of which can inspire creativity.
Amber promotes creative self-expression.
Tiger's eye helps released blocked creativity and in recognising one's own natural talents and abilities.
Green tourmaline rejuvenates and inspires creativity and draws the wearer towards prosperity and abundance. I think that's an added bonus, especially if you wish to earn a living from your creative pursuits.
Citrine is associated with creativity, abundance and opening up to intuition. It also enhances individuality and self-expression and encourages you to explore new things and move forward.
Amethyst helps you to open up to new realities and assimilate new ideas. It helps to stimulate the 3rd eye chakra, increase intuition and enhance visualisation. Brilliant if your creative leaning is towards anything visual such as painting.
For a really potent mix, try ametrine which combines amethyst and citrine and all the qualities they bring into one powerful stone.
You can use these crystals as tumblestones and simply keep them in a pocket, purse or handbag. Or you could wear them in a piece of jewellery while working creatively, especially if they nicely polished gemstones.
Alternatively, why not use crystals to enhance your creativity by creating some creative space?
If you wanted to create a 'creative' area you could place these crystals, or a selection of them around a candle of yellow or orange. This may be a good place to meditate on your own ideas or creative thoughts. Make sure you keep some paper and a pen handy though as you just never know what creative ideas might spring to mind once you start using crystals and gemstones to tap into your creative side.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Do You Believe In The Healing Power Of Stones?

Some people think I'm quite odd when I start talking about crystals and the healing power of stones. If I'm honest, some people just think I'm quite odd. Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is that, if you're not sure about stones, gemstones and crystals: what they do and how, how they can possibly have any effect on people, their health or other situations, then you're not alone.
As a very brief overview, crystals are created in and of the earth, either from mineral deposits, high temperatures, compression, or volcanic activity. You might just think that some of them look like lumps of rock, and you would be right. You might think that some, when polished up are very attractive and you'd quite like some jewellery made from them: rubies and diamonds are good examples. Some are plentiful and easily obtained, others are more rare, or more difficult to mine and cut, so they are very much more expensive and sought after.
In terms of crystal healing or the healing properties of stones like quartz, agate, boji stones and amethyst to mention just a few, things get a little more esoteric. Some people will believe that crystals can have an effect on you, and some people won't. Some of you might be willing to be persuaded, others most certainly will not. Quite frankly, in the nicest possible way, I don't mind where you stand on the subject of crystals and whether or not they have any healing or other properties. I am happy to say that you can believe what you believe, and I know what I experience.
So, when it comes to crystals what do I experience? Well, my story starts some years ago when I first 'discovered' crystals. A lady, who later became a friend and teacher to me, sold crystals on the local market. As I'm attracted to shiny jewellery, as many ladies are, I had a look at her stall and soon got talking to her (her name is Marion). On picking up a smallish tumblestone I was astounded to find that, as it rested in the palm of my hand, I could feel a kind of pulse from the stone itself. It was as though it had a heartbeat. I asked Marion if that was normal and she simply smiled in her knowing way. She asked me some questions while I held the crystal, about how it made me feel, whether I could feel any other movement or energy and whereabouts I sensed it in my own body. Then she asked me, if I closed my eyes, what happened? Wow! In my mind's eye I saw colours, shapes, movement, and I just knew things about this tiny little stone. That was it, I was hooked on crystals whether or not these little things had healing properties or not.
Crystals have always had a profound impact on me. Even to the point where one day I picked up an amazing chiastolite crystal (often referred to as fairy crosses) and nearly fell over, its energy was so apparent to me. Malachite, a beautiful green marble-effect stone, for many years, and sometimes still now, makes me feel physically sick. And I daren't wear or carry moldavite if I'm driving as it completely spaces me out!
I have spent years studying books, but more importantly I working with crystals. I was encouraged by Marion to sense what I felt they were for, rather than taking someone's word for it in a book, or even asking her opinion. I discovered a lot about myself and about crystal energy in this way.
How do crystals and stones work their magic and impart their healing powers? I don't honestly know for certain. The best explanation, and the one that makes the most sense to me, is that it is all down to the energy they give off. In much the same way as when you have been affected by the mood or energy of another human - positively or negatively. Or even an animal (how relaxing is it to sit with a placid cat or dog?) Well, that's how I believe crystals work.
The stones emit a certain frequency of energy that we pick up and that allows us to re-balance and come back to our natural state of equilibrium. Because our natural state is actually one of balance, when we come close to a balanced energy vibration (like that given off by the stones) we naturally pick up on it and 'remember' our own, same, balanced natural vibration and begin to return to it ( This theory, I believe, is similar to sympathetic resonance or sympathetic vibration.)
Imagine that your body is stressed and out of balance for some reason, (maybe tiredness, a hectic lifestyle or similar) and this results in a headache. If a particular crystal gives of an energy of calm relaxation, just as some people do (you know, the ones you like to be around because they make you feel chilled out) then there is no reason why you wouldn't start to be more relaxed, and your headache would begin to disappear.
Here are my 'go-to' crystals for particular moods or situations that might come up for me:
  • If I'm not happy, or giving myself a tough time I wear rose quartz to help me cheer up and love myself more.
  • If I'm teaching I have always worn aqua aura because it feels like a special stone to me. It has a blue colour which assists with communication and I believe helps me to work with the highest of intentions and in pure thought (because it's a mix of gold and clear quartz).
  • If I'm feeling out of balance and need more energy I carry a pair of boji stones - they are amazing, just try them!
  • If I'm spaced out and in need of grounding black obsidian or hematite do the trick and bring me back down to earth.
  • If I'm doing rescue work or need to make sure that my psychic protection is strong then only black tourmaline will do.
So, do you believe in the healing powers of crystals and gemstones? If you're interested and open-minded but still unsure, why not have a play and see what you sense from them. Give them time and see if they help you to return to a healthy, calm, balanced state of mind or perhaps help you to develop certain aspects of yourself that you feel you would like to improve upon. Then you can make your mind up for yourself, based on your experiences.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

3 Tips for Tapping Into Your Psychic Abilities

Some people know that they have psychic abilities or 'a gift' but are unsure about how to control and develop it. While others may think they would like to be able to 'see the future', be more intuitive, provide card readings or communicate with a loved one on the other side, but are unsure if they can. Isn't that just for the gifted few?
The answer to that question is easy, 'No'. Anyone can develop their psychic side, some are more adept at it than others, but anyone can do it, with practice and perseverance.
Here I will share my three top tips for tapping into your psychic abilities.
The Number One Tip That I Can Share With You Is To Meditate Regularly:
Meditation encourages us to switch off our analytical, everyday-thinking-brain and tap into our intuitive, creative, subconscious mind. This allows us to access information on a deep level and is essential in psychic development. When we start to analyse our feelings and the things that pop into our heads, we block the messages that come via our intuition or from the spirit world. We need to be able to switch into that mode easily in order to access our 'psychic' side.
If you are someone who knows they have a gift but finds it hard to control it, regular meditation will really help you. By focussing your 'psychic' energy on one particular time of the day when you meditate you can quite literally say to your spirit guides (whether you know who they are or not) that this is the time to pass on messages, and no other. This is particularly good if your 'psychic side' wakes you up in the night, or causes you a distraction at other times of the day.
Meditation isn't hard or complicated, it can be as simple as relaxing in an armchair and listening to your favourite piece of calm music. If you want to give it a go but know that you have an active mind, the best way to meditate is to focus on your breathing. Sit comfortably and make sure that you won't be interrupted. Breathe slowly and deeply and simply count your breath in for a count of four, hold it, and then exhale for a count of four. If your mind wanders and you stop focussing on this practice of counting your breath then as soon as you realise that is what you've done, simply resume the counting. Try this for just a few minutes each day.
My Second Tip Is To Learn About Your Energy Field:
Your energy field consists of auras, chakras and lines of energy throughout them, and connecting them. You may have heard of them before and wonder what auras and chakras have to do with your psychic abilities but they are an intrinsic part of working in this way. We are all energetic beings, we take in, change and create, and give off energy in various forms. We are surrounded by electro-magnetic fields and through these we can act like a radio transmitter and receiver to pass on and receive information on a subtle (or psychic) level. Learning about these energies and understanding how they work, and how we can utilise them will really change the way you see the world and the way in which you think about your interactions with others. The essential skills are learning how to open, close & ground, and protect your energies.
For now, why not practise one key element - grounding. This will be of particular use if you ever feel a bit 'away with the fairies' and is a key skill in learning to control your abilities. It will also help you to clear your head if you need it.
  • As a first, very simple exercise stand with your feet hip width apart allowing you arms to hang loosely at your sides.
  • Slightly bend your knees and allow your weight to sink into your feet.
  • Gently rock back and forth on your feet a few times to find your balance.
  • Take all of your awareness to your feet and in particular to the point at the base of the ball of your foot (about 1/3rd down from the top of your foot between the big and 2nd toe).
  • Imagine all of your weight sinking down to this point.
  • Visualise roots extending out from this point and going down deep into the ground.
  • Stand like this for a few moments, allowing your body to relax and breathe deeply.
Tip Number Three Is To Learn To Dowse
Dowsing is a great way to learn to tap into your own innate intuitive and psychic abilities. It is a skill where you use an object (typically a pendulum or dowsing rods) to physically indicate the answer to a question that you don't consciously know the answer to. I'm often asked how dowsing works, or even confronted with, 'I bet you're moving that yourself'. My usual response to the latter is to say, 'I probably am!' The idea behind dowsing is that our subconscious or even our psychic side does know the answer and produces micro-movements (ideomotor responses) in our muscles to cause the movement that we can then interpret. Dowsing is a brilliant skill for beginners as they start to develop their abilities.
Using a pendulum is the easiest way to dowse (for most people at least). To do this, you can use a necklace, or gemstone, or put a weight of some sort - a ring for example, on to a piece of string or a necklace. (I've even used a polo mint so don't think that it has to be anything particularly special.)
Here's a taster to get you started. Ask a friend to hide something in a room or part of your home and see if you can find it by dowsing.
Firstly you will need to orientate your pendulum so that you know the 'yes' and 'no' response that it gives you (I would suggest that you do this every time you start to dowse.)
  • Hold the pendulum in one hand a few inches above the palm of your other hand.
  • Ask in you mind or out loud a question that you know the answer to is 'yes' (for example, I might ask 'Is my name Helen?'). The pendulum will start to move either sideways, back and forth, clockwise or anti clockwise. Make a note of what it does to indicate this 'yes' or positive response.
  • Now ask a question that you know the answer to is 'no', (for example, I might ask 'Am I a boy?' Make a note of this negative or 'no' response.
  • Now focus on the hidden object that you are looking for. Really visualise it in your mind, or imagine holding it. Then ask the pendulum questions to narrow down where it could be. Remember they must be questions that can only be answered yes or no, and they will need to get more and more specific. Examples are: 'Is it in the house?' 'Is it upstairs?' 'Is it in the bathroom/bedroom/kitchen etc.?'
  • I would suggest validating answers by asking the opposite questions. So if you ask if the object is upstairs and you get a no, always then ask, 'is it downstairs?' Don't assume that it must be, you would be surprised how accurate this process is but you have to ask the right questions. This is even more important when you are looking for something really small, like a piece of jewellery. You may get a negative to both these sample questions because your earring is actually on the landing or a stair halfway between the two floors.
  • Always keep your focus on the hidden object otherwise, if your mind wanders, you can get the wrong or confused answers.
You can try this on a larger scale as you get used to it. Once you know the positive response that you get from your pendulum, you can also dowse over maps of a geographical area, or a drawn-out map of your home, room, or garden while focussing on the essence or energy of the hidden object.
Remember, practise and perseverance are the keys to honing your psychic abilities. In all honesty you could probably spend years just on these three tips alone and develop your psychic abilities quite well without any other exercises.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lock Onto Your Crown Chakra Frequency Using Brainwave Entrainment

The most expedient and safest way to open your Crown Chakra, is by synchronizing your brainwaves using brainwave entrainment.
Entrainment locks onto the frequency required for this purpose and delivers you to the place where heaven meets earth.
This is your connection to God, your source, the creative unconscious, or all-that-is.
This is your connection to life, and the unity of it-to oneness.
One of the most astonishing achievements you can acquire when you raise your vibration and open your Crown Chakra using brainwave entrainment, is the ability to leave your body-while you are awake or conscious.
Astral travelling, astral projection, and Out-of-Body experiences all come from opening this chakra.
The challenge of the Crown Chakra, is being able to release and surrender to the experience, and divine consciousness. Once you are able to achieve this, you will experience the natural feeling of oneness, bliss, purity, peace, and spacious emptiness beyond the constraints of time.
This is called enlightenment or spiritual awakening.
The opening of the Crown moves you beyond your normal three-dimensional reality of the physical senses and forms, beliefs, and thoughts and places you in a higher dimension with direct communication to your Source.
The unknown, becomes known.
You will find a transcendental meaning to life.
This is the level of the soul.
When you experience a sense of separation from God, your source, your Crown Chakra closes and you experience a sense of isolation and aloneness that just won't go away, no matter how many people you have surrounding you. As you think thoughts of how alone you feel, you attract more aloneness.
The element of the Crown Chakra is "Inner Light," which is what you experience when you are in the deepest part of your consciousness.
This "light" is considered the most subtle element in the entire physical universe and is representative of what everything is made up of.
You may have heard of it before.
It is called "White Light."
When opening the Crown Chakra, please note that things may get worse, before they get better-kind of like extracting poison out of a wound.
Benefits of an Open Crown Chakra Frequency
· Once whatever is blocking your Crown has been addressed, heaven and earth open for you.
· You'll connect to the great Divine and start receiving messages to guide you on your awakening.
· Your psychic abilities will come to the surface.
· Colours will be brighter.
· Sounds will be sharper and more melodic.
· Foods will be brighter.
· Things will have more texture.
· You'll be able to stop and smell the roses.
Brainwave entrainment is a proven scientific tool that can alter your dominant brainwave frequency and lock onto the vibration that will open the Crown Chakra.
Entrainment works quickly and maintains a consistent frequency, allowing for a smooth, safe transition into an altered state of consciousness.
Clearing and balancing each of your chakras will allow you to live your best life.
Take advantage of a technology, brainwave entrainment, that can easily access and maintain the frequency required to activate the chakras.